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Dogs in Japan retiring in style… and why not?!

By - March 1, 2016
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When humans age, often they stay in comfortable retirement homes. So why should it be any different for our four-legged best friends who have served their homo sapien companions their whole lives and are now also looking for the best creature comforts.


Akiko Hoshino and her 17-year-old dog Nene who can no longer walk have found the solution they require in Japan. If Nene were a human, she would be 84 and they can be found at “Roken Honpo”, a retirement home made especially for ageing dogs on a daily basis.

“There are those who would put down a dog that was in Nene’s position. But I am against this so found this alternative solution that is perfect!” said Akiko.


There are ten dogs being looked after really well by staff at the retirement home and many have spent their last days here, living in style.

Head of Roken Honpo centre is Mie Kwaguchi who said:

“Having people and animals interact in this way is good for both the humans and the animals. Japan’s population is also ageing and their four-legged companions also deserve the same comfort as any human would expect in later years.”

A great solution which we hope would encourage other countries to develop a similar solution where may be required or helpful.

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