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Pole Dancers showcase their skills in Buenos Aires, Argentina

By - November 24, 2014
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Participants competing in the South American Pole Championship braved the wind and rain in downtown Buenos Aires this weekend to show off their pole dancing skills on one of the city’s main avenues.

Guillermo Tobar, was one of many male pole dancers, and representing Venezuela in the two-day competition that officially started this weekend. He said:

“When I learned about this I realized that it was a high-performance sport, involving a lot of strength, where you need a lot of control and mastery over your body and truthfully as a man it really calls my attention because it’s like doing vertical chin ups and I think that’s incredible.”



Participants in this year’s competition made use of city spaces and even used tubular scaffolding on a construction site as an improvised pole, as seen in the above video.

Participants from throughout South America were vying for the top spots in the 2-day competition, with winners qualifying for the 2015 World Pole Dance Championship in Beijing.

Check out winner Florencia Bustos from Argentina showing off her incredible skills on stage during the closing stages of the championships this week…

Pole dancing as a competitive sport is growing in popularity considerably, with proposals for it to become an official olympic sport in the pipeline.

Pole Dance Venezuela

Pole Dance Venezuela

Are you a competing pole dancing enthusiast, male or female? We’d love to hear from you to learn more about the sport in your region.

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