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Make 2015 about GIRL POWER with the ‘SPLASH HEROES’ Calendar

By - December 22, 2014
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Video: Aurum Light / Jaroslav

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is a London based photographer and all-round visual genius when it comes to creating technically crafted conceptual photography. He hails from Poland, and has a background in fine arts and architecture… probably where his love of graphic design and photography merges with his need to create and build something unique.

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Jaroslav’s creations are creative masterpieces that require lots of work and can get very, very messy. His continuing ‘Milky Pinup’ concept requires lots of calculations, exact placement of milk being thrown at a subject, precise timing of the camera/flash trigger, and lots of post-production.

Aurum Light

Splash Heroes is the latest project as 2014 comes to a close, and it builds on the overall milk splash concept and pays homage to many strong female heroes in the comics of both DC and Marvel… epitomising Girl Power in quite the original way for 2015.

Here’s a glimpse into the pinups for each month, with a range of female models being transformed into the guise of their alter ego super heroines!

Miss January

Miss February

Miss March

Miss April

Miss May

Miss June

Miss July

Miss August

Miss September

Miss October

Miss November

Miss December

Interview Link with Jaroslav and the production process of this concept via The Phoblogographer

More info via: AurumLight