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Chris de Aboitiz in Australia goes surfing with dogs with behavior problems

By - February 18, 2016
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Jason Reed

Photo credit: Jason Reed

Surfing dogs are no longer a rare find. Take a stroll through Youtube and you’ll come across miniature accessory dog after accessory dog on a board mixed in with the occasional K-9 that weighs more than 20 pounds walking the nose. And no matter how many times we see it all they’re still cute as hell.

Australian dog trainer Chris de Aboitiz’ has an awesome twist that steps it all up a level though. Chris surfs with dogs that have been rescued from shelters and uses Surfing as a way to teach discipline and correct behavioural problems. A little like utilising the energy of the dog towards something engaging, fun and adventurous even!

Surfer Today

Surfer Today

Chris has found a unique way to combine his talents as a trainer with his own passion for surfing, using the sport as a form of therapy for the dogs who may have picked up behavior problems. Big surprise, he says teaching the dogs to surf is easier than teaching their owners.

“Paddleboarding with your dogs is also a great way to bond with them,” he says.



Aboitiz said he has had a positive response from dog owners, some of whom had taken to the waves with him, while others have embraced his training but stuck to land.

“So many dogs are given away because people don’t have control, their dog turns from an asset to a liability. The ultimate result is to have less dogs euthanised,” said Aboitiz.

The whole concept of engaging any dog with a physical activity such as Surfing makes much logical sense as opposed to simply labelling a dog as being of a certain character or trait. We guess this also transfers across humans who get labelled with behavioural issues too.

Jason Reed

“People make a lot of mistakes in training their dogs, who end up being dominant over them. Training the dog is the easy part, you also need to train the owner” he added.

Some further footage of Chris in action with his incredible dogs: