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Baby in USA dressed as ‘Harry Potter’ Puts A Spell On the Internet

By - November 1, 2016
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Kayla Layla Photography

Photo Credit: Kayla Layla Photography

Meet Baby Lorelai… the daughter of US based photographer Kayla Glover. The camera skills of Kayla, alongside the cuteness of young Lorelai have truly put a spell on the internet.

Kayla quit her job and started her Photography business once she bacame a first-time mum. She showcases a range of portrait photography and themed photo shoots on her website, but it is her shoot with Lorelai themed around Harry Potter that have captured attention worldwide.

“Themed shoots are my absolute favorite to shoot. I love mixing fantasy with reality and incorporating themes that have special meaning,” Kayla wrote on her Facebook page.

Kayla Layla Photography

Kayla Layla Photography

Kayla Layla Photography

Kayla Layla Photography

Kayla recently included her daughter in a quirky photo shoot theme to convey her love for the Harry Potter books, but little did she realise that the photos would get such an amazing response worldwide. She included a quote from the books by character Albus Dumbledore when posting the pics on her Facebook page.

“And now, Harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”

At 2 months, Lorelei has already dressed up as Minnie Mouse and as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” but it’s been Harry Potter casting a spell on the internet and introducing everyone to Kayla’s new photography business. As a first-time mum she mentions how embarking on an independent business of her own was in order to be able to spend all her time raising young Lorelai and we certainly wish her well and all the success.

Kayla Layla Photography

Kayla Layla Photography

And heres hoping she continues producing more ‘magical’ photography themes like this, but in the mean time she’s certainly made the world smile. Young Lorelai is certainly also not phased by the new-found fame at such a young age!

Special Thanks to Kayla Glover (and of course Lorelai too!!)

And Find Her on Facebook and Instagram via: Kayla Layla Photography